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Gtek was founded by Amey Gokhale in 2016 with a vision of utilizing the vast experience of almost 10 years in the field of computer overclocking and hardware benchmarking.


Our goal is to build some of the best performance optimized computer systems for various applications.

Depending on the specific application, our systems can be customized, fine-tuned to deliver optimal performance.

We also offer water cooled and factory overclocked machines to deliver much more performance than similarly spec'd machines or systems.

Brand Testimonials

Brand Testimonials

“In the business of computers, everyone has hardware and products are available everywhere, what we are looking for is PROMPT SERVICE' and Gtek is the company that provides it, hence we invest in their commitment to service and their ability to procure the right gear for our organizations needs, even though we are based in Mumbai we still choose a Pune based company speaks volumes of our trust in their capabilities"

Warren Dsouza

Managing Director I GearHouse I Streamvent

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